God made man in His image and then created woman to be man’s companion. In his wisdom God created sex as an impulse that unites people of the opposite sex and gender is formed by a family bearing children.

The devil, as always, is trying to unscramble the order of God, and encouraging homosexual experiences and instilling in society is normal man to have relationship with man and woman with woman.

In the New Testament, God made it clear that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. In the Old Testament God’s order was explicit: DEATH PENALTY FOR HOMOSEXUALS.

Homosexuality is, in most cases, a trend and genetic inheritance, already programmed into the DNA of the person. Who is born a homosexual, probably always have an inclination to homosssexualismo. Sin is not have the inclination to homosexuality (for it is almost always a genetic factor), but the practice of homosexuality.

The role of the devil in the sin of homosexuality has two steps:
1 – The Devil works genetically from fertilization of the egg and promoting genetic aberrations causing mutations such as: the body of one sex and feeling, desires and behaviors characteristic of the opposite sex.
2 – The Devil stimulates the depraved sexual urges, urging people to have sex outside established by God. The Devil tempts people at heart and through the seduction of the world. Today the media is the greatest weapon of the devil to humanity accept homosexual men as something natural.

I am not homophobic because they did not leave the street cursing and throwing stones at homosexuals, nor spreading acts like this, but I say that homosexuality is a deviation from moral conduct.



(Les deux femme son posséder par le démon et a la fin il a été chasser…Le démon obéi le pasteur et fait tt ce qu’il lui dit de faire, même rester a genou…)

(Duas mulheres possuidas por demônios e no final os espíritos do mau são expulsos… O demônio obedece o pastor e faz tudo o que manda, mesmo ficando de joelhos)