In the early 80’s, Brazil learned that existed in Sergipe Church of the Devil, led by astrologer Ceará, Luiz Howarth. He built a church in the shape of a coffin in the city of Socorro, the temple of Lucifer rebelled Sergipeans Catholics, led by Metropolitan Archbishop Don Luciano Duarte Cabral. This sought the governor and asked Augusto Franco steps to end what he called an embarrassment to the state. Pressured by the religious, the governor ordered study the possibility of expropriating the Church of Satan. Augusto Franco informed that before the intended expropriation reunite him with the archbishop, Luiz Howarth sent word that kept the program on Radio Liberty / AM. “I will not discuss anything with the archbishop, If I only do meet with Pope them.” Not There was a meeting and announced government expropriated and demolished the church, (By Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)


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